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About the JEM Shavuos Retreat Vacation Getaway 


Come and Join us with your family and friends for a five - day Shavuos Retreat to the Westin Mission Hills Resort - at the foothills of the Santa Rosa Mountains

May 28-31 

Enjoy a retreat of friendship and inspiration featuring guest speakers, First class accommodations and fine Kosher dining all in the beautiful setting of the Indian Wells Mountains.



* Gourmet Catered Cuisine

* Great Kids' Program

* 24 Hour Tea Room

* All Night Learning

* Minyanim

* Guest Speakers

* Glatt Kosher - Cholov Yisroel



A Holiday of Unity, Inspiration and Vacation, all in One! 


The JEM Center Shavuos Retreat is sure to be an experience your family will remember forever!


To Register or for more information call the JEM Center 

(310) 772-0000.


* The JEM Shavuos Retreat was made to enable families to come together and celebrate Shavuos with inspirational speakers while giving a first class vacation in the top hotels, mountain views, delicious catering and warmth. 


In the past we had our Shavuos retreats vacation getaways at the JW Marriott Palm Springs, La Quinta Waldorf Astoria Hotel, Paradise Point Hotel San Diego, Miramonte Resort and Spa and other beautiful breathtaking hotels. 


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