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Program and Speakers 

JEM Shavuot Retreat 2020
Westin Hotel Steps

Last Year's Speakers:


Rabbi Daniel Lapin

America's Rabbi

Rabbi Daniel Lapin, known widely as America’s Rabbi, is a noted rabbinic scholar, best-selling author and TV host. As one of America’s most eloquent speakers, his ability to extract practical life principles from the Bible and transmit them in a life-changing and captivating manner has brought thousands of Jews and Christians closer to their respective faiths. Pairing his inheritance as a descendant of a multi-generational rabbinical family with his background in science and business, he teaches ancient Jewish wisdom in an unparalleled manner.

Rabbi Yisroel Goldstein.jpg

Rabbi Yisroel Goldstein 

True Hero and Inspiration 

The Hero and Inspiring Rabbi Yisroel Goldstein from Chabad of Poway. WOW! 

Antony Gordon_Headshot_#1_.jpg

Rabbi Chanan (Antony) Gordon,

Prominent Lecturer

Rabbi Chanan (Antony) Gordon, one of the most sought after and beloved speakers in the Jewish world continues to touch the hearts and souls of audiences on all levels on a broad range of topics related to overcoming the vicissitudes we all face in the journey of life, with unique humor, real life stories and many years of professional training.
From his days as a stand-up comic in Johannesburg, South Africa, to organizing a major music concert while  student at the Harvard Law School, to representing (as a wealth and business manager) some of the most prominent athletes, celebrities and wealthiest families in the world, Chanan's life experiences are unique.


Rabbi Dov Greenberg 

Guest Speaker 

From his student center at Stanford University, lots of people like this Rabbi. We’re talking millions. With an army of Facebook followers, Rabbi Dov Greenberg is a trailblazing Chassidic teacher with a knack for condensing deep mystical concepts into compact, relevant sound bites that resonate across mediums and mentalities. He’s no stranger to what Judaism means to a new, thinking generation. His essays on contemporary issues appear regularly in newspapers and on the Internet. He lives with his family in Palo Alto, California.

Mayer Schmukler.jpg

Rabbi Mayer Schmukler

Guest Speaker 

Founder or JETS. Full of life, wisdom and laughter. 


Rabbi Levi Illulian 

Motivational Speaker 

Motivational and passionate speaker on the timeless teachings of the Torah.

rivka serraf.jpg

Mrs. Rivka Serraf

Motivational and Passionate Speaker

Fire, practical, and inspiring messages in our day to day lives. 

Howard Kaye .jpg

Dr. Howard Kaye

Guest of Honor  - Husband of Courageous Lori Kaye of Blessed Memory

Extraordinary person, just an amazing, tremendous human being! Inspirational to us all. 

Gad Elbaz.Jpg

Gad Elbaz

Celebrity Singer

Gad is an Israeli Megastar who is currently one of the most recognized name and face in Jewish music worldwide. With millions of hits on his YouTube music videos, Gad transformed and led the evolution of the Jewish music scene, elevating the standard of excitement and quality, and today he is one of the top recording and performance artists in the Jewish music industry.


Gad is reaching audiences around the world as his music and message of unity are being embraced by Jewish communities worldwide. His goal is to help people renew their faith through music and empower them to live their lives with an open heart, faith in themselves and faith in G-d.

Shimmy Miller.jpg

Chazan Shimmy Miller


Born in 1976 in Ontario, Canada, to Chazan Benzion & Bluma Miller, Shimmy was introduced to Chazanus at a very young age. His paternal  grandfather Reb Aaron Miller, the Chazan, Mohel of great renown, as well as, composer, also had a tremendous influence on his growth in music and cantorial liturgy. 


Shimmy, learned at the Bobover Yeshivas in New York, and London, England, and at Yeshivat Avnei Nezer in Bayit Vagan, Israel. He started his singing career at the age of 5 as a soloist at Young Israel Beth-El of Brooklyn, NY, where his father Cantor Benzion Miller still officiates today. He studied voice and Cantorial liturgy with Dr. Don Roberts, Darrel Lauer of the Belz Cantorial School of Music of Yeshiva University, and with world-renowned cantor, conductor and musician Daniel Gildar.


Shimmy, has performed in Israel, Europe, and Canada as well as throughout the US. 


Chazan Miller possesses a lyric tenor voice with an exceptional range. He is a master of nusach, which he learned from all the years of assisting his father, both as soloist in his choir and later as the conductor.

FB_20150116_14_16_22_Saved_Picture (1).j

Twins from France! 


The two acrobats, Yaakov and Yisroel, are a set of twins who are quite popular in the for both children and adults around the world. * With frequent performances and a series of successful videos for children, the “Twins from France” is one of the most popular shows.


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